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    Our story so far

    The history of the formation of our company began in May 2015. The shareholders decided to purchase a production site in Lakinsk, Vladimir region, from the Pepsi Co Holding group of companies. On the basis of the existing administrative complex, a large–scale reconstruction was carried out – the entire production complex was overhauled, the infrastructure of the site was modernized, a new steam boiler house was put into operation, as well as a modern wastewater treatment system was launched

    In August 2015, a project was launched to launch a modern production of canned food and preserves. In parallel with the modernization of the site, professional specialists were hired, and modern equipment was purchased.

    In December 2017, the company completed the construction part of the project and started launching the first canning line with a capacity of 1.5 million cans of canned fish per month.

    In February 2018, the company released the first batch of products.

    The area of our enterprise allows you to place up to four lines with a total capacity of 3.5-4 million cans of canned fish per month, not counting preserves and other products. In the near future – the launch of the second line, as well as the launch of a figure line for the production of Hanza products.

    The plant is ISO 22000 certified, as well as accredited by the HACCP system (English Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). The products are manufactured according to GOST standards. Incoming raw materials are strictly controlled by specialists of the quality department.

    Trademarks “Vladkon”, “Aquatoria”, “Lakinka”, “Sea Mile” are gradually gaining success with customers and appear on the shelves of large national and regional networks. The club of distributors is developing at an active pace.

    Flexible pricing and marketing policy opens a window of opportunity for most sales channels. We are open to mutually beneficial cooperation in the framework of direct sales, wholesale purchases, production of STM and are always glad to new Partners!

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